1. Wind Screen and Wind Fence Systems

Wind Screen and Wind Fence Systems

DSI DustTamer™ wind screen systems are designed to drastically reduce wind velocity and particles within a defined environment, thus minimizing fugitive dust emissions from sources such as material stockpiles, stacking conveyors, truck, rail or loader dump pockets, vibrating screens, grizzlies, conveyor transfer points and load out silos.

They can be employed as standalone systems or in conjunction with fogging systems as a manner in which to manage and control dust around open dumpsites.

DSI DustTamer™ fabric is knitted from industrial grade woven polyester and is resistant to UV rays, inclement weather and extreme temperatures. A reduction in wind of 75% or more can be achieved, whilst even greater savings are achieved through not having to construct a storage building. Unlike other dust control technologies, DSI DustTamer™ systems do not need to be powered or renewed, and do not require any daily labor effort.

DSI DustTamer™ wind screen systems are sold under license from Dust Solutions Inc. in the USA. The license is specific to the African region with permission to use globally only if being installed into a TAKRAF project. *


* sold under licence




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