Vacuum Systems

    TAKRAF’s suction technologies are designed to suit harsh mining and/or industrial conditions.

    TAKRAF has the rights to all intellectual property of Vac Air Technologies and is the sole provider for the design, manufacture, servicing, installation and supply of all spare parts for all new and existing pneumatic equipment, both in positive and vacuum applications.

    Suction machines provide significant performance offering maximum productivity, minimal maintenance and simple operating techniques. These machines operate a across a variety of industries and applications although they are predominantly used:

    • To effectively recover and convey fines, diamonds or other valuable materials within the mining industry
    • Across various applications within industrial cleaning
    • For dust-free conveying of bulk material up to 600 ºC in temperature

    TAKRAF’s vacuum systems boast a number of interesting features, including:

    • Ranging from small but powerful 3 kW to 325 kW units
    • Able to convey across distances in excess of 300 m horizontally and up to 70 m vertically
    • Negative pressure can reach -90 kPa, depending on product and conditions
    • Can be fixed or mobile so as to enable transportability from plant to plant

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