1. Simatek SimPulse Low-Pressure Bag Houses

Simatek SimPulse Low-Pressure Bag Houses

TAKRAF’s in-house range of air pollution control systems and equipment is comprehensive, enabling the selection of the most cost-effective solution for any dust-control, air-cleaning or product-recovery problem, no matter how large or small.

Our systems are designed, manufactured and supplied as turnkey installations, with full after-sales service so as to ensure that we minimize operational downtime.

Simatek Low Pressure Reverse Pulse Bag Filters 3C:

Simatek’s SimPulse low pressure reverse pulse bag filters enable the economical collection of fumes and dust at high filtration rates and utilise absorption techniques to remove acid gases, heavy metals and dioxins from flue gases. The systems feature flow rates from 5 m³/s to 100m³/s.

The low pressure (0,7 to 0,9 bar) but high volume cleaning pulse makes it possible to achieve up to five times higher cleaning energy than by other pulse jet filters.

The bag filter features:

  • Flow rates from 5 m³/s to 100m³/s
  • Efficient pulse-jet cleaning
  • Small footprint
  • Suitable for dry, as well as sticky products
  • Advanced control functions
  • Separation of almost any type of dust

Simatek’s SimPulse low-pressure reverse pulse bag filters are sold under license from Simatek in Denmark. The license is specific to the African region with permission to use globally only if being installed into a TAKRAF project. *


* sold under licence




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