Positive Pneumatic Conveying

    TAKRAF is able to ensure the most cost-effective solution for your pneumatic conveying needs, providing state-of-the-art products, system design, manufacture, turnkey installations and after-sales service.

    This covers the following product range:

    • Lean-phase pneumatic conveyors
    • Medium-phase pneumatic conveyors
    • Dense-phase pneumatic conveyors (TAKRAF markets the Mactenn/Macawber range of dense phase pneumatic conveying systems)
    • Pneumatic drying and transport systems

    TAKRAF’s positive pneumatic conveying systems can be installed across a variety of applications and required capacities. Some of the more common applications include: minerals and metals, precious stones and gems, chemical and plastics or resins, food products, paper and pulp, pharmaceuticals, and power utilities, amongst many other applications.

    These conveying systems boast a number of benefits as compared to traditional systems, primary amongst which include:

    • Significant environmental benefits as total material containment within the pipeline eliminates spillage, dust and associated hygiene problems
    • Elimination of tampering or touching of conveyed material due to total containment within the pipeline
    • Low material velocity along the pipeline considerably reduces wear and maintenance requirements
    • Low air consumption and energy costs
    • Little or no degradation of fragile materials
    • No segregation of conveyed mixtures

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