Pneumodriers are very efficient pieces of equipment as they are able to dry wet particulate solids, whilst conveying the material along a pneumatic conveying system driven by heated air.

    Pneumodriers are predominantly used in the diamond industry to handle kimberlite, alluvial diamond ore and marine silica. However, they are also able to convey and dry other materials such as coal, foundry sands, salt, crushed rubber and platinum.

    Pneumodriers are also very flexible in terms of capacity as they are able to convey from very low rates to rates in excess of 30 t/h. The drier is also able to dry material at up to 350 ºC, depending on the material’s thermal properties.

    Some of the many salient features of a pneumodrier include:

    • Ability to manage drying of material whilst being conveyed
    • Ability to handle moisture levels of up to 25 % - depending on the nature of the material being conveyed
    • Maintains system efficiency through continual on-line temperature monitoring to ensure effective and efficient drying and accurate product dosage
    • Saves costs by being simple and robust with few components and replaces complex dual drying and transport systems
    • Provides optimum availability due to low maintenance
    • Enhances security by securely enclosing material from entry to delivery, with few handling stages
    • Is compact and flexible, requiring far less headroom than other existing systems, whether new or retro fitment
    • Allows for easy retrofitting into existing establishments, due to flexibility of pipe routing
    • Is environmentally friendly, completely enclosing product to prevent contamination of product and surroundings

    Product sold under license. License is specific to the African region with permission to use globally only if being installed into a TAKRAF project.



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