1. Jetfloat Floating Platforms

Jetfloat Floating Platforms

Jetfloat floating platforms are a quick-and-easy solution to a number of floating platform and walkway requirements and are suited to both industrial and recreational applications.

TAKRAF is the sole distributor of the Jetfloat modular floating dock or platform system in Southern Africa.
The Jetfloat system was designed and patented through extensive research and development by Jetfloat International in Austria. Comprised of modular elements that link together to form a variety of required shapes, Jetfloat floating docks or platforms are quick to assemble on land or on water and are easily extendable.

Jetfloat floating platforms and walkways are suited to a wide variety of industrial and recreational applications, including:

  • Tailings dams, barges and working platforms
  • Off-shore fish farming, aquaculture
  • Water pollution control
  • Harbor working platforms
  • Pontoon bridges
  • Photovoltaic plants
  • Bathing platforms, jetties and marinas

One type of application does not exclude another – all are compatible. As quickly as an installation is assembled it can also again be dismantled. New Jetfloat parts will fit together with your old installation even after 40 years and because of their longevity - Jetfloat products are produced from one of the toughest high-molecular polyethylene - Jetfloat elements have a relatively high resale value.

Jetfloat systems offer a number of advantages, some of which include:

  • No repair and/or maintenance costs
  • No sharp edges, corners or connecting parts, making the product safe for all environments and applications
  • Various anchoring methods make it possible to employ this system in many applications
  • High elastic resistance to impact by boats, wind and storms
  • Long life, as material is resistant to fatigue and weather; as well as being resistant to saltwater, chemicals and acids

Product sold under license. The license is specific to the African region with permission to use globally if installed into a TAKRAF project. *


* sold under licence

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