1. Cross-Pit Conveyor Bridges

Cross-Pit Conveyor Bridges

Cross-pit conveyor bridges for the dumping of overburden directly into the open-pit.

Cross-pit conveyor bridges are designed for special operating conditions (nearly horizontal geological layers with almost constant thicknesses). They transport overburden across the open-pit and dump it directly onto the mined-out pit area without any additional equipment. The distinctive features are the two main supports – one support on the mining side and one support on the dump side. The bridge structure itself contains one or more parallel running belt conveyors with several discharge points. Cross-pit conveyor bridges are fed by up to three bucket chain excavators with a total mining height of 60 m. That means the bridges are able to dump up to 80 m high. The mining operation under the bridge and the geotechnical and safety parameters determine the total length of the bridge of up to 460 m with 270 m between the two supports. Alternative concepts with crawler-mounted supports and slewable discharge booms are possible.

In Germany four TAKRAF cross-pit conveyor bridges are in operation with maximum capacities of up to 30,000 m³/h.

  • Value for Money

    Value for Money

    • Our machines transport overburden across the open pit and dump it directly onto the mined-out pit area without requiring any additional equipment
  • Efficiency


    • Our machines can be fed by up to a maximum of 3 bucket-chain excavators with a total mining height of 60 m; which means that our machines are able to dump up to 80 m high!
  • Safety


    • The mining operation under the bridge, as well as safety and geotechnical parameters determine the total length of the bridge, which can reach up to 460 m with 270 m between the two supports
  • Reference


    We currently have four cross-pit conveyor bridges in operation in Germany with a maximum capacity of up to 30,000 m3/h

  • Environment


    • By immediately dumping overburden from other mining areas into mined-out areas, rehabilitation of the mine site is significantly enhanced
  • Technical Excellence

    Technical Excellence

    • We're also able to provide alternate concepts with crawler-mounted supports and/or slewable discharge booms

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  • Customer
    Project name
    Cross pit conveyor bridge F60
    Jänschwalde lignite mine

    Cross pit conveyor bridge F60 in Jänschwalde lignite mine

    While other cross-pit conveyor bridges in Germany are modified according to the current requirements of total excavating height the F60 in the Jänschwalde lignite mine is still fed by three bucket chain excavators Es 3750 with 20 m excavating height each. The most upper excavator is linked with the main bridge via a 165 m long connecting bridge. The width between the two main supports is 272.5 m and the length of the discharge boom another 191.5 m. The conveying and dumping system belongs to the largest mobile self-propelled machines ever build, surpassed by the sister bridges in Welzow and Nochten with a direct supported connecting bridge.

    Hourly approx. 34,000 m³ of overburden are conveyed over the open pit and discharged onto the dump site. There are five discharge points which build a stable 4-step-dump of up to 80 m total height. The two main supports are travelling on rails with more than 750 single wheels, half of them driven.

    The operation and control of the overburden cross pit conveyor bridge with the connected excavators required a high sophisticated planning taking into consideration the lignite mining and conveying operation as well as possible dumping operation of interburden between the two main bridge supports.

    Project figures

    34,200 m³/h
    126 +18.5 /-11 m
    272.5 ± 12.8 m
    191.5 m
    74 m
    up to 60 m
    up to 80 m


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