1. Bucket-Wheel Excavators

Bucket-Wheel Excavators

Bucket-wheel excavators (BWEs) are continuous mining machines for overburden (semi-hard material such as clay, sand, gravel, marl, etc.), lignite and hard coal.

TAKRAF BWEs can be employed across a wide-variety of commodities and our machines cover a wide-range of capacities, all the way up to 20,000 m³/h, with working bench heights varying from less than 5 m to approx. 50 m. In most applications, the BWE is connected to a belt conveyor system or a cross-pit spreader.

Our systems are all specifically designed to our client's requirements and incorporate various solutions according to their specific application, including actual site conditions. As a result, either compact or large scale BWEs can be employed, depending on the required cutting height, block width and length of the working bench. Compact excavators are most suited to mines with short benches and harsh, irregular operating conditions; whereas large machines are more suited to working in flat mines with unconsolidated rock, large benches and regular mineral deposits.

The principal components of a BWE are the bucket-wheel with its buckets, the bucket-wheel drive at the head of the wheel boom, the slewable superstructure with counterweight boom, the substructure with crawler undercarriage and a transfer boom or loading unit (crawler-mounted loading bridge) for transfer of material to the bench conveyor. Excavator design hence always aims to meet specific demands and requirements of the project in terms of optimization, standardization and maintenance.

BWEs are among the largest terrestrial vehicles ever constructed. The largest excavator ever built, the TAKRAF SRs 8000, has a weight of 14,200 tons and moves 240,000 m³ (bank) of overburden per day - but this is just one example of a machine taken from an extensive history, dating back almost 100 years, of TAKRAF excavator tradition, experience and execution.

  • Efficiency


    • Wide-range of machine capacities from 500 m3/h to 3,000 m3/h
    • Machines are able to remove material significantly below the bench (travel) level – this is a preferred solution in the event of ground instabilities or high ground water levels
  • Service


    • Our equipment has proven to be reliable and robust in the most extreme geological conditions, from temperatures reaching -45 C to altitudes of above 5,000 m
  • Reference


    • We have been producing excavators since 1926 with an extensive reference list spanning all continents and many commodities
  • Environment


    • Reduced noise emissions through continuous development and improvement of proprietary TAKRAF gearboxes.
    • Use of cutting-edge materials for bearings and lifetime lubricated components reduces the consumption of mineral and synthetic lubricants by 25%

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  • Customer
    Project name
    Large bucket wheel excavator SRs 2000 with loading unit
    EPS Belgrade, Serbia
    Drmno mine, Kostolac Region

    Large bucket wheel excavator SRs 2000 with loading unit

    The machine has a special design for overburden excavation as it is the case in the Drmno coal (lignite) mine in Serbia. The excavator serves as the key member of an overburden system including four conveyors and a spreader in the waste dump area. The bucket wheel head consisting of a 2 x 670 kW bucket wheel gearbox, a single-web bucket wheel, a bucket wheel shaft and a dual diaphragm support was entirely manufactured in the TAKRAF Lauchhammer workshop.

    Project figures

    6,600 lm3/h
    100 kN/m
    5 m
    5 m
    44 m
    109.5 m
    12.0 m
    2 x 670 kW
    1,290 l
    51 - 85.5 min-1
    2.0 m
    100/100 kPa
  • Customer
    Project name
    Large bucket wheel excavator SRs (K) 2000 with loading unit
    CPI Mengdong Energy Group Co. Ltd. Zhahanaoer
    Zhahanaoer mine, Inner Mongolia

    Large bucket wheel excavator SRs (K) 2000 with loading unit

    The machine is in use for excavating overburden in a coal mine in Chinese Inner Mongolia. Due to the extreme conditions with temperatures down to minus 40° C this type of bucket wheel excavator has a special design of mechanical and electrical parts. The excavator serves as the key member of a complete TAKRAF overburden system with four conveyors and a spreader in the waste dump area.

    Project figures

    6,600 lm3/h
    110 kN/m
    30 m
    3 m
    44 m
    124.5 m
    12.2 m
    1 x 1,250 kW
    1,560 l
    49.6 - 70.7 min-1
    2.0 m
    100/100 kPa


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