Mechatronic engineer (m/w/d)

Work areas:

  • Mechatronic engineers work in assembling and maintaining complex machinery, plants and systems integrated in plants and manufacturing systems or at the owners or operators of these mechatronic systems.
  • Mechatronic engineers undertake their activities at different locations, primarily at assembly sites, in workshops or individually in the service sector in accordance with the applicable regulations and safety regulations and in compliance with the associated documents and instructions.
  • Mechatronic engineers are considered to be qualified electricians within the meaning of the accident prevention regulations.

Professional qualifications:

  • Planning and controlling workflows
  • Machining of mechanical parts as well as the production of modules and components for mechatronic systems
  • Installing and testing electrical values
  • Installing and testing hardware and software components
  • Production and testing of electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic control systems
  • Programming, testing, commissioning and operating mechatronic systems
  • Assembling and dismantling machines, systems and plants
  • Working with English-language documents and ability to communicate in English

Requirement profile:

  • Interest and commitment
  • Technical understanding
  • Secondary school certificate with good mathematics, physics and IT grades
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Healthy & fit
  • Logical thinking
  • Abstract thinking
  • Good physical imagery
  • A leaning towards technical / craftsman activities
  • An aptitude for precise, analytical thinking needed to solve practical tasks
  • Technical interests and understanding
  • An interest in mathematics and computers
  • An interest in electro-technics, electronics, hydraulics & pneumatics
  • An interest in data processing (progressing to computer-controlled equipment)

Advanced training possibilities:

  • Industrial supervisor
  • State-certified technician
  • Graduate engineer

Duration: 3.5 years

Your application

You can apply to work at TAKRAF across various channels, either via direct employment across any of our subsidiaries or by participating in our trainee program.

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